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Our Practitioners

Dr Frances Tobeck BHSc (Chinese Medicine) 


Dr Frances Tobeck (CM) is a is a nationally registered acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist.  She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and is a certified Toyohari acupuncturist (Japanese Acupuncture).

Frances found Chinese medicine through her own personal healing journey. Her passion for holistic healing - the mind body and soul is what led to studies first in health sciences and massage then later to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Frances approaches her patients with gentleness and compassion.  She most enjoys assisting patients to successfully regain health and develop strategies to cultivate lasting wellness.


Various post graduate trainings in women's health, integrative medicine and the treatment of fertility have enabled her to bring a wealth of knowledge to her practice from both a Chinese medical perspective and functional medicine framework.  Frances is also trained in ‘The Fertile Life™ Method’ - a comprehensive fertility program based on the principles of Chinese medicine and biomedical science.


Frances aims to refine her craft through further education in both the practice of Japanese acupuncture and classical herbal medicine. She continues to follow experienced mentors in the fields of reproductive immunology, fertility, women's health and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. 


Special interest areas include:  Fertility/IVF support, Women’s health, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders and dermatology. 

Eleanor Collins BHSc (Acupuncture)


Elly studied a Bachelors degree of Health science majoring in Acupuncture in New Zealand and now practices full time in Ballarat city.


She is passionate about assisting people to find the best experience of their health or disease, while creating great outcomes in the way that feels right to the person she is working with,  

Her passion in Chinese Medicine lead her to the practice of Chinese energy cultivation in Qi Gong, which supports her practice in a soulful way.


Elly is also currently studying Japanese Acupuncture techniques so as to bring the famously gentle and powerful Japanese (Toyo hari) therapies to Ballarat

Elly enjoys gardening, animals, books, the creative arts and ongoing learning of the Chinese Medicine arts and philosophy. 

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