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Jaw dropping moment

Recently while driving to work before sunrise, on a very chilly morning I had a jaw dropping moment. I came round a bend to find three woman in singlets and Lycra jogging the streets. There is nothing obviously jaw dropping about this, many people may even feel a sense of awe or admiration at their will power; and for that reason I wanted to provide different perspective on the situation.

Living in unity with the season and environment we inhabit is an old and mostly lost art. More specifically for these woman, they are entering the season of yin or winter, which is wet, cold and dark. The natural and appropriate response here would be to seek shelter, warmth and sleep. Awakening early on a very cold and dark morning, to be highly active is the exact opposite of what the body would naturally desire.

My message here, is to not underestimate your body's natural response to its environment. It is a product of an unimaginably long time of testing out all appropriate response to its environment, to find the absolute best.

Your body is very clever.

I am encouraging you to embrace and allow yourself to have earlier nights during winter, to eat more and rest, be less social and enjoy the quiet. Go with that natural desire to have a slower pace, don't struggle against it. Enjoy the season of inactivity, as like the trees sap sinking down to its roots, your energy is moving in toward your deeper levels, to recuperate and build strength for the active summer. By following the natural movement of your energy, you will give your body what it needs to thrive, this is the art of living in harmony with nature. I hope you find this news pretty fantastic in a world of super human peeps, striving and struggling for everything at the cost of their well being; and don't worry there will be time again for Lycra clad mornings.


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