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Hi Acupuncture lovers! I have been keen to reconnect with you all and share some of my recent thoughts on how Traditional Acupuncture can help in your ongoing movement toward full and flourishing wellness this year. There are two areas of health and wellness I feel a strong pull toward this year and I'd like to share those thoughts with you.

Firstly, the use acupuncture to manage pain in the body/mind so as to enable freedom of movement, physically and emotionally; and the second is the use of acupuncture for reducing tension and stress, so as to have healthy and beneficial relationships with the self, family, colleagues and others.

Acupuncture has the potential to stop a lot of pain. Many different types of pain syndromes respond with excellent result to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Yes its fantastic for muscle aches and pains and is used every day for this, but I am not talking purely physical therapy here. This is because migraine pain, gastrointestinal pain, cancer pain, menstrual pain and many other varieties of pain are relieved every day without medications (and their side effects) with acupuncture. Giving people the freedom to move uninhibited in their body again!

Acupuncture is also beautiful in its ability to assist in the management of mental-emotional pain; whether it be depression, anxiety, PMS or other mental health pain issues. Regular acupuncture can leave us free to move within our mental-emotional and social selves once more.

The other method I mentioned of how you can benefit from regular acupuncture (apart from the other ten thousand benefits that it brings to people every day!) is in its role of lowering stress.

Lowering levels of stress gives you the ability to respond consciously to your interpretation of an experience, rather than by reacting to this interpretation.

Reaction (unconscious response) is the natural state of responding to threats or danger and is an aspect of the fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system.

And it is useful…but only sometimes! We may remember times in which swerving from oncoming traffic or grabbing that child’s hand from a hot kettle are entirely reactive, and necessary to enable survival. Quick analysis and decisions that do pay off.

However, often in matters of the heart (i.e. when you relate in any way to other beautiful people in your life – even the not so obviously beautiful ones!) stress can cause us to react by saying or thinking things that might be without compassion and come from a place of heightened threat response. The lack of compassion that comes from the quick, judgemental, survival based (fight and flight) thinking, does not fill the heart; leaving you feeling disconnected in your daily interactions with other people and can cause long term loneliness and frustration, as this becomes a habitual method of relating.

Thankfully receiving regular acupuncture treatments can help bring you closer to consciously acting, by giving you time to acknowledge yourself, and by down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system to assist in reducing stress.

Less stress equals less firing up in those tricky, high pressure situations and more time to assess within yourself the most peaceful and gentle method of response, for the benefit of your state of mind, and to bring fulfilling connections with other beautiful humans.

Apart from all the well established problems that acupuncture is being used to assist in relieving every day, I feel very much like I want emphasise these two slightly subtle ways in which it can enrich your life. It is my mantra this year that it is not any more enough to survive -let us thrive!


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